Common Traffic Law Misconceptions to Avoid

Don’t Fall Folly to These Common Traffic Law Misconceptions!

Know the law, and kick these common traffic law misconceptions.

Every so often, you slip up and break a few traffic laws. From speeding to forgetting to signal, there are many violations that could get you into trouble with the law. If you do get pulled over, don’t panic. Stay calm and follow instructions. Brush up on your traffic law knowledge and check out these common traffic law misconceptions.

Myth: The faulty equipment excuse holds water in court.

Fact: Blaming the officer’s radar gun for inaccuracies usually doesn’t hold up in court. In order to make such a claim, you need to have proof. It’s highly unlikely that you have access to the officer’s radar gun calibration records. Chances are slim to none with this excuse.

Myth: Claiming you never received the ticket will make it disappear.

Fact: You may think that ignoring the ticket or “forgetting” to sign the ticket may help you get off the hook. However, it won’t make any difference, except perhaps annoy the judge. If you deny that you received the ticket, it’s your word versus the word of the officer that pulled you over, who likely has a few pieces of evidence of your ticket. Additionally, mistakes on your ticket are generally looked at as mistakes. They don’t void the ticket to get you off the hook. In the end, it’s best to just accept the ticket and move on with your day.

Myth: Driving with the flow of traffic is completely acceptable, even if it means exceeding the speed limit.

Fact: Under no circumstances is it okay to speed. No matter the reason, if you exceed the speed limit by even one mile per hour, you’re at risk for a speeding ticket. Arguing that you were keeping up with traffic is not a valid excuse to avoid getting a ticket. Play it safe and stick to the speed limit.

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