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Homeowner Insurance

When it comes to your home’s security, it is important that you have a customized homeowners insurance policy so that you can achieve peace of mind. You must have a policy that is as unique as your home, as a cookie cutter policy simply will not provide your home with the protection you deserve. We will help you determine the perfect amount of coverage, all for the right price.




To ensure that you are able to cruise the open waters without any anxieties about the unforeseen future, you must hold a comprehensive boat insurance policy that maximizes your security. Our custom-tailored boat insurance policies ensure that boat enthusiasts are able to feel confident in their vessel’s security both on and off the water. When you hold the protection you deserve, you can enjoy your favorite ride with nothing but the cool breeze flowing through your hair.


Pet Insurance

Your furry family member is just that, a part of your family. It would be terrible, then, to be in a position where you had to decide between protecting your family’s financial security and preserving the life of your pet.

All too many pet owners have found themselves in this scenario when faced with accumulating pet-related medical expenses, but if you carry pet insurance you will never have to even think about this difficult decision. With this type of policy, you gain peace of mind knowing you can get your beloved pet the medical attention he or she needs, no matter the cost. Let us provide you with the policy you need to continue to love and care for your pet today.

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When it comes to your security on the hectic New York interstates, you simply cannot afford to go without the protection you deserve. With so many coverage options to choose from, choosing the right coverage and the appropriate amount of protection can be extremely daunting. We understand the unique risks New York motorists are faced with and will work with you to determine which coverage options would provide you with the most optimized protection.



In today’s litigious world, it is impossible to have too much liability protection. Rather than leaving your most important assets vulnerable, it is best to secure maximum security through an umbrella policy. Umbrella insurance extends your liability protection once your standard limits become exhausted, ensuring you are receiving guaranteed protection from the unforeseen.


Flood Insurance


Flood is the most common and costly natural disaster.

And only Flood Insurance covers flood damages! Floods can happen anywhere, even in areas no one believes to be high risk. Heavy rains, a blocked creek, or inadequate drainage can all lead to floods – leaving you with damaged walls and floors, ruined stock and equipment, drenched carpets and furniture, mud and debris.