Use These Cyber Security Tips to Help Boost Your Business's Safety

Use These Cyber Security Tips to Help Boost Your Business's Safety

Oct 20, 2016


Use These Cyber Security Tips to Help Boost Your Business's Safety

Protect your business with these cyber security tips!

Keeping your business secure is a priority. However, with today's technology, keeping your business safe isn't as easy as locking your doors and installing an alarm. Nowadays you have to worry about keeping your digital information secure. Protect yourself with cyber liability insurance and these cyber security tips.

Update Your Software.

When it comes to your cyber security, it's imperative that you invest in the best firewall, anti-spyware, and anti-malware software. This software can help to identify and protect your computers from malicious threats. However, this software is most efficient when updated regularly. Software engineers are constantly working to improve the effectiveness of the software to keep you protected. That's why it's imperative to upgrade regularly. That way you have the latest protection to keep cyber threats at bay.

Get Rid of What You Don't Need.

The more sensitive data that you have, the more you increase your risk of a cyber disaster. Take inventory of all your electronic documents. There likely are a few documents that you no longer need. Toss the documents that you don't need so that you can reduce your risk for a cyber disaster. The less information there is to steal, the better off you are in the long run.

Strengthen Your Passwords.

As a business, you use technology all the time. Many of your devices and applications require you to choose passwords for added security from cyber threats. Choose a strong password with upper and lower case letters, special characters, and numbers. Additionally, remember to change your passwords often and try changing them at least every three months. These cyber security tips paired with cyber liability insurance can help reduce your risk for a digital disaster. Keep your business secure with the right commercial insurance. East End Insurance Agency has you covered. Located in Southold, New York, contact us for all your personal and commercial insurance needs.

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