Why You Need Commercial Auto Insurance Southold NY

Why You Need Commercial Auto Insurance For Your Business

If you drive for work, you need a business auto insurance policy!

You may think that all auto insurance is the same, but that’s not the case. No only are there different degrees of coverage, but there are personal and commercial policies. If you own a business that requires you or your employees to drive, you need commercial auto insurance. Learn more about commercial auto insurance coverage with this helpful guide.

When you drive for work, you’re putting more at risk than just yourself. You’re responsible for yourself, other employees, and your customers. Added risk calls for added coverage.

Added Liability Coverage.

Commercial car insurance gives you higher liability coverage. Because you’re responsible for a business, you need higher liability limits. And, should you expand your commercial vehicle fleet, your liability coverage typically extends.

Individual Named Coverage.

This type of policy also offers you coverage should you drive a vehicle that’s not yours.

Trailer Coverage.

Should your business require you to tow trailers, they too would be covered under your commercial insurance. Additionally, should you tow trailers that aren’t your own, they’re usually covered under an interchange agreement as part of your commercial auto insurance policy.

Rental Coverage.

Accidents happen and sometimes your vehicle needs a few repairs. Should you need to rent a car until your vehicle is fixed, this type of insurance helps you out. It covers rental reimbursement to help you and your business stay on your feet.

Make sure that all your business vehicle needs are taken care of with auto insurance. East End Insurance Agency has you covered. Located in Southold, New York, contact us for all your personal and commercial insurance needs.

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