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Are You Ready For Tax Season?

Get ready for tax season with these tips!

As April 15 approaches, it’s time to start preparing your taxes. Whether you do them yourself or hire a professional, taxes can be complicated. Make sure you’re ready to file your taxes with these tax preparation tips.

Organization is key.

Being organized is the best way to avoid unnecessary stress and get your taxes in on time. Make sure to keep a checklist on hand. That way you’ll be able to keep better track of what you’re filing. Make sure your checklist includes your personal information such as as social security number, income information such as your W-2 and investment income, any income adjustment, tax deductions and credits, and taxes you’ve already paid.

Plan ahead.

Taxes are due the same day every year. That isn’t going to change any time soon. The earlier you start assembling your taxes, the better. If you’ve slacked on staying organized that’s okay, we all slip up, but strive to stay organized in 2016. The more organized you are, the smoother the process will be.

Due Date.

Mark your calendar, taxes are due April 15. Be sure to remember when your taxes are due to avoid any issues with missing deadlines. Also be aware that state and local taxes may be due at another time. Be sure to double check when all your taxes are due and make a note of it.

Review your work.

We’re all human and sometimes we make mistakes. Stick to the rule of three. Before you send in your tax return, make sure you review it at least three times.

**Safety tip** Be wary of IRS scams. Keep in mind the IRS will never call, email, text message, or use social media to contact you.

As you prepare your taxes, make sure all your assets are secure and purchase insurance. East End Insurance Agency has you covered. Located in Southold, New York, contact us for all your personal and commercial insurance needs.

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