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School Supplies: Insurance For College Students

College students, do you have the insurance you need at school?

Heading off to college—whether for the first time or for your senior year—is always exciting. When you set foot on campus, you do so with anticipation for all of the fun, learning, and memories the year will bring! Rightly so, too, since college should be one of the best, most carefree times of your life.

Now that the school year is in full swing we want to help you keep it stress-free, so we encourage you to pause for a moment and think about your insurance coverage. Here are a few areas you should consider.

  • Renters Insurance: If you’ll be living in the dorms, your parents’ homeowners insurance can cover your stuff. If, however, you’re renting an apartment, you need renters insurance to protect your personal property and your liability. Don’t worry! These policies are really cheap, usually costing around $20 a month.
  • Auto Insurance: You need to talk to your family insurance agent before driving your car off to school. If you’re moving far away, you’ll probably need your own auto insurance policy to protect your ride. Even if you’re not taking your car, get in touch with your agent because you could help your parents save on their coverage by getting removed from their policy while at school.
  • Health Insurance: You know you need health insurance (it’s legally required) and probably have it through your parents, but it’s important that you make sure your coverage will make it possible for you to see the doctor wherever you’re going to school. This is especially important if you’re heading out of state.

You have a lot to do between classes and your social life, and getting answers to your insurance questions shouldn’t take up much of your time! To get quick, easy service and the coverage you need at college in Southold and the rest of New York, contact East End Insurance.

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