New Year's Eve Safety Tips Southold NY

Stay Safe on New Year’s Eve!

Safely ring in the new year!

Celebrating the new year is great fun! Whether you choose to watch the ball drop or attend a party with friends and family, celebrations can be a bit dangerous, though. Stay safe this New Year’s Eve with these safety tips!

Alcohol and driving don’t mix.

Ringing in the new year with a celebratory glass of champagne or two is a holiday tradition, but don’t over do it! Never get behind the wheel (including bikes, too!) while intoxicated. If you do choose to drink, drink responsibly and know your limits. Arrange for a place to spend the night or make sure you have alternate transportation. Remember that buzzed driving is drunk driving!

Safely pop bottles.

While champagne is great to celebrate with, its carbonation can be dangerous. A champagne cork has about 90lbs of pressure, so make sure to take precautions! When opening a bottle, never point the bottle toward other people or anything breakable. Use a towel and carefully open the bottle at a 45-degree angle.

Use group mentality.

If you’re out and about this New Year’s Eve, make sure to have a buddy. Be alert and aware of your surroundings.  There is safety in numbers, so stick with a group. Whether you’re walking home or just heading to the bathroom, make sure a friend has your back.

Celebrate on a full stomach.

Before you head out for the night, make sure you eat something. Drinking on an empty stomach isn’t a good idea. Without enough food in your system your body metabolizes the alcohol more quickly, making your blood alcohol levels higher in a shorter amount of time.

Drive defensively.

Even if you aren’t drinking and driving, there are sure to be irresponsible drivers on the road. Be smart about your choices and drive defensively. Avoid distractions and take extra precautions while driving, especially on New Year’s Eve! Avoid nighttime driving, listening to loud music, and texting while driving.

East End Insurance Agency wishes you and your family a happy and safe new year! Located in Southold, New York, we serve all your insurance needs! Contact us for more information.

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