Participate in National Human Rights Month with These Tips

Participate in National Human Rights Month!

Find out what you need to know about National Human Rights Month.

We take our freedoms for granted. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are the premise on which the United States was founded. However, injustices exist all over the place. In much of the world, human rights aren’t honored. Raise awareness about protecting human rights during National Human Rights Month. Check out what you need to know about National Human Rights Month.

All About National Humans Rights Month:

National Human Rights Month was developed to further the goals of the United Nations (U.N.) by bringing certain human rights to all the people of the world. The goals set forth by the U.N. seek to bring basic human rights like education, health, and freedom. The push to further these goals came after the atrocities that occurred during World War II.

How to Participate in National Human Rights Month:

  • What Freedom Means to You. When it comes to celebrating National Human Rights Month, take some time to think about what human rights you value. Think about your freedom so that you have a greater appreciation for them.
  • Learn from History. The establishment of National Human Rights Month is largely based on wrongs throughout history. Learn about human rights throughout history and share what you know with friends and family. The more awareness you spread, the closer you are to fixing such injustices.
  • Get involved to help change the world. Find an organization that you want to work with that helps to further human rights.

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