Keeping Your Home Safe While You’re on Vacation

Keeping Your Home Safe While You’re on Vacation

Protect your home while you’re away.

Planning on taking a vacation this summer? If so, it’s important to make sure that you take the right precautions to keep your home safe in your absence. Not sure what you should do to protect your home? Here are some steps that you can take to start.

Make Mail Arrangements

Allowing mail to accumulate in your box while you’re gone will essentially broadcast the fact that your home is uninhabited. This could increase the chances of someone breaking into your home while you’re away. To prevent this from happening, you should ask a trusted neighbor or friend to collect and hold your mail for you. If you don’t have anyone you can ask, then you can always go to your local post office and request that they hold your mail for the duration of your vacation.

Unplug Your Electronics

While uncommon, a sudden power surge can cause plugged-in electronics to overheat and even catch fire. To reduce this fire risk, make sure you unplug all nonessential electronics and appliances before leaving on your trip. Not only will this lower your risk for a house fire while you’re away, but it will also save you some money on your next electricity bill.

Get a Home Security System

Finally, one of the best ways to protect your home is with a good home security system. Not only will these systems automatically alert you and the authorities if an unauthorized person attempts to enter your home, but they will also alert emergency services in the event of a fire risk. Additionally, as many of these new systems come equipped with camera capabilities, you can also use your system to monitor your home remotely.

Try out these suggestions to keep your home safe while you’re away on vacation.  Want another way to safeguard your home?  Then make sure you have the right homeowners insurance protections in place.  To find the right policies to meet your needs, contact the experts at East End Insurance Agency in Southold, New York.  We are ready to get you covered today.



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