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Review & Renew Your Insurance Policies for the New Year!

Get your insurance policies organized in the new year!

The start of the year is the perfect time to take an inventory of all your insurance policies! While your insurance renewal occurs on the date on which your policy first took effect, it’s important to review your current policies to make sure you’re ready to renew. Here’s what you should review when looking to update your coverage in 2016.

Current policy.

Before you start, be sure that you understand what your current policies cover. If you don’t, meet with an insurance professional to have him or her explain it.

Home inventory.

When reviewing your coverage, make sure all your possessions are accounted for in your policy. If you’ve bought any new valuables over the last year, be sure to make a note. A catalog of all your personal belongings will make it easier to know exactly what you need insured.

Gaps in coverage.

If you haven’t looked over your coverage in a while, there may be coverage gaps that you’ve overlooked. As your life changes over the years, your policy needs to evolve with you. For example, say you purchased home insurance a few years ago and have since made a few remodels. If you haven’t updated your homeowners insurance to reflect these updates, they may not be covered and may leave your with costly repairs in the event that they’re damaged.

Lifestyle changes.

Life happens. Whether you get married, have kids, move into a new house, invest in life insurance, or decide to retire, your insurance needs change as you change. You need insurance that fits these needs, so if your current policies don’t reflect your current lifestyle consider investing in new coverage.

Need help reviewing your insurance policies? The professionals at East End Insurance Agency can help! Located in Southold, New York, we serve all your insurance needs! Contact us for more information.

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