Have The Right Coverage For Your Rental Car

Going On A Road Trip? Make Sure You Have The Right Coverage For Your Rental Car

Make sure you have the necessary coverage for your rental vehicle!

When it comes to your vacation, you want to ensure that everything runs smoothly. But, when you drive a rental car, you can’t always prevent an accident. Make sure that your trip goes off without a hitch and be sure that you have the right coverage. Check out how your personal auto insurance may give you the coverage you need for your rental car.

Personal Auto Insurance.

Your personal policy gives you coverage on your rental car as long as you’re renting (and driving) within the Untied States. The only difference is when you file a claim you have an extra party to include. You must involve your insurer, the other driver’s insurer, and the rental company. Your liability coverage carries over the same way it covers you for your personal vehicle. Additionally, should you have comprehensive or collision coverage that should apply to your rental car too. Just be sure to call your insurance company before you rent a car to ensure that they’ll offer full coverage.

Credit Card Coverage.

In some instances, your credit card company will give you some rental car coverage as long as you rent the car using your credit card. Just keep in mind that coverage is limited. Usually, the credit card coverage will kick in as supplemental coverage after your primary coverage is maxed out. Contact your credit card company to find out whether or not they’ll cover you.

Identify Other Drivers.

When on a road trip you may want to switch out drivers every so often. However, if you don’t notify the rental company that you’re going to have multiple drivers you may find yourself in hot water. If you don’t notify the rental company of other drivers and you get into an accident the claim may not be accepted. In which case you’re responsible for paying the damages out of pocket. Play it safe and be sure that you give the rental company a full list of all drivers.

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