How to Handle a Power Outage

How to Handle a Power Outage

Learn what you should do to deal with a power outage in your home.

Power outages can strike suddenly and with very little warning.  Luckily, losing power is more of an inconvenience than it is dangerous.  Follow these steps to help you weather a power outage.

1) Install Detectors

When the power goes out in the winter, many families light fires or turn on gas stoves to heat their homes.  However, relying on these heat sources increases your chances of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.  To address this risk, it’s important that you have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed throughout your home.  You should have both types of detectors installed in every sleeping area and on every floor of your home.  If you hear either detector go off, evacuate the home and contact emergency services.

 2) Protect Electronics

During a power outage, it’s common for your home to experience sudden bursts of energy known as power surges.  These sudden surges can seriously damage sensitive electronics such as computers, laptops, and televisions.  To protect these things from damage, make sure you unplug them from the outlet as soon as the power goes out.  Leave some lights switched on in your home and when they stay lit for five minutes, then it should be safe to plug everything back in.

3) Have Cash

During a power outage, local stores will probably be affected as well.  With the power gone, they might not be able to process credit or debit card purchases.  That’s why it’s important to have emergency cash on hand.  Having access to cash will allow you to stock up on water, ice, batteries, or whatever you and your family need to get through the power outage.

These are some tips that can help you handle a power outage in your home.  Another way to make sure that your home is prepared for anything that comes its way is by having the proper insurance protection in place.  To get the coverage you need, trust the team at East End Insurance Agency in Southold, New York.  Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with all your insurance needs.  Contact us to get started today.



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