Car Safety Tips for Your Dog

Car Safety Tips for Your Dog

Keep your four-legged friend safe as you drive.

If you enjoy taking car rides with your dog, then it’s important that you keep their safety in mind. Not sure what you should do to keep your furry friend safe? Try out these driving safety tips to protect your pooch.

Know the Law

Some states have laws that make it illegal for your dog to ride in your lap or loose in the flat bed of your truck. Other states have laws that require dog-owners to keep their pets restrained (with a seatbelt or in a crate) while in the car. Before you set out on a road trip with your pet, make sure you are abiding to your state’s laws.

Train Your Dog

If you intend to make car rides with your pooch a regular occurrence, start training them as early as possible. Start by taking short rides to fun locations. Not only will this help your dog get used to being in a car, but this will also help them associate car rides with positive experiences. Gradually increase the length of your car trips until your dog is comfortable being your co-pilot.

Be Prepared

Finally, when you are traveling with your dog, it’s important that you have the necessary supplies to keep them calm and comfortable. Make sure you carry food, water, their favorite toys, any necessary medications, and something soft to sleep on. Additionally, it’s important to plan frequent breaks so your dog has the opportunity to relieve him or herself and stretch his or her legs. Finally, make sure you carry treats and shower your dog with continuous praise to let them know that he or she is being a good passenger.

Try out these suggestions to keep your dog safe while in the car.  Want another way to keep your beloved pet safe while on the road?  Make sure you have the proper insurance protections in place.  For assistance with your insurance needs, contact the professionals at East End Insurance Agency in Southold, New York.  Our dedicated team is ready to get you covered today.



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