3 Tips to Get More Positive Reviews for Your Small Business

3 Tips to Get More Positive Reviews for Your Small Business

Aug 06, 2020


3 Tips to Get More Positive Reviews for Your Small Business
As a small business, your digital footprint is as important as the products or services you provide. Here are 3 strategic and foolproof ways to get more reviews for your small business.

1. Always Keep Things Organic 

Most search engines, social networks, and review platforms have strict community guidelines that you must thoroughly understand. Nevertheless, a standard tip for small business reviews is to never pay for one, irrespective of the review sites you use. Not only does this reduce your credibility as an enterprise, but it can also get you blacklisted. Even if it takes a while for organic reviews to kick-off, it's worth the wait.

2. Encourage Customers to Post Reviews

Every time a customer is happy with the service, request them to post their feedback. Make it simple for them by giving them the links to your preferred review platforms. You'd be surprised how many customers will do it just because they were pleased with their experience and were asked nicely. Many clients also love leaving positive reviews as a show of support and loyalty for their local businesses. You can request your customers to leave small business reviews in person or via a monthly personalized email or text message.

3. Incentivize Employees Who Are Proactive 

While you must never pay a customer for a review, it's a good idea to incentivize employees to help collect reviews. They may do it through their customer-focused behavior and relationship building skills with customers, bloggers, and other social media influencers. This strategy can be very effective in driving up small business reviews. However, it's important to ensure that overachieving employees aren't carried away and stick to best practices. With a little planning, strategy, and consistency, you can get more reviews for your small business and stay ahead of the competition. Another way to help your business is by getting the right commercial insurance. If you have any questions about business insurance, contact the experts at East End Insurance Agency today. We are ready to assist you with all your coverage needs.

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