Ways Your Homeowners Insurance Covers More Than Your Home

Ways Your Homeowners Insurance Covers More Than Your Home

Learn about some of the unexpected things covered under your homeowners insurance.

While most homeowners know that their insurance covers physical damages to their home, they are unaware that their insurance actually offers extended coverages.  Curious to find out what your homeowners insurance covers?  Here are some of the unexpected coverages offered under your policy.

Additional Structures

As previous mentioned, your insurance covers physical damages to your home.  However, did you know that this same coverage is extended to other structures on your property?  This means that storage sheds, doghouses, patios, and other structures are covered if they sustain damage.  Just make sure that that your insurance provider knows about these other structures so they are documented in case you do file a claim for them.

Dog Bites

In addition to coverage for physical damages, your homeowners insurance also includes personal liability coverage.  This coverage extends to cover pet-related liability issues such as dog bites.  Just make sure that your pet is explicitly covered under your policy.  There are certain, “dangerous” dog breeds that some insurance providers will refuse to cover.

Your Belongings as You Travel

Finally, your insurance will also cover the belongings you carry as you travel.  For instance, if your laptop is stolen while you’re vacationing abroad, your homeowners insurance will likely cover this loss.  Just be aware that this coverage has limits.  If you are traveling with a particularly expensive item, you might need an additional coverage to get all the coverage you need.

These are some of the unexpected things covered by your homeowners insurance.  Do you have more questions regarding your homeowners insurance?  Then turn to the expects at East End Insurance Agency in Southold, New York.  Our dedicated team is ready to get you covered today.  Contact us to get started today.



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