Trick or Treating Safety Tips Southold, NY

Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

Use these trick-or-treating safety tips to make the most of your Halloween!

Halloween is just over a couple of weeks away, which means it’s high time to start putting together your kids’ costumes, carving pumpkins for your front porch, and collecting candy to hand out to the costumed little ones who visit your door. That’s not the only kind of preparing you should do, though.

If your kids will be heading out to collect goodies on Halloween, you can help protect them and give yourself peace of mind by using these trick-or-treating safety tips!

  • Make A Map. Before your kids head out (with their supervisor, if they’re younger), make a fun game of mapping out where they want to go. When you pre-plan their route, you make sure they stay off streets that are less travelled and less lit.
  • Make Costumes Practical. You want your kids to have a great time dressing up, but you should have some say over what they wear. Specifically, make sure they don a costume they can comfortably and safely walk around in. This means cutting bigger eye holes in masks if visibility is limited, picking comfortable shoes, and shortening dresses and pants if they could be a tripping hazard.
  • Make A Showcase. Plan a time to go through all the candy your kids collect together, giving them the chance to show off each piece. This not only gets them excited about their spoils, it also gives you the chance to swap out any questionable pieces for safer treats.

Happy Halloween from the whole team at East End Insurance! We hope you have a safe and fun holiday. If you want more information about safeguarding what matters most, contact our team of dedicated Southold, NY insurance experts today.

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