Why Hurricanes Florence and Michael Can Be a Learning Experience for Homeowners

Why Hurricanes Florence and Michael Can Be a Learning Experience for Homeowners

Here’s what every homeowner can take away from this year’s hurricane season.

This year, Hurricanes Florence and Michael battered the east coast, leaving destruction and devastation in their paths. While this hurricane season was undoubtedly traumatic, it can also be viewed as a learning experience for homeowners throughout the country. Here are some of the things you can learn from Hurricanes Florence and Michael.

Have an Emergency Response Plan

More than anything, Hurricanes Florence and Michael reminded homeowners about the importance of having an emergency response plan that they can enact at the first sign of danger. Because natural disasters can hit with very little warning, it’s important that you and your loved ones know exactly how to proceed in the event of an emergency. For instance, you should have an evacuation plan, a plan for maintaining contact with loved ones, and a plan for reuniting, should you become separated during an emergency. Additionally, you should also have an emergency kit that contains important documents and essentials such as food and water, first aid supplies, spare clothes, cash, and so on.

Even if you have an emergency response plan in place, it’s important that you do not become complacent. Make sure you routinely examine and update your plan to address any gaps in your preparations. Additionally, run through the entirety of your plan with your loved ones several times, so they are prepared to respond to an emergency at a moment’s notice. Remember, there is no such thing as overprepared, so don’t be afraid to revise your emergency response plan until you feel absolutely confident with it.

Make Sure You Have the Right Homeowners Insurance

While many homeowners had the right insurance to address the normal storm damage (damage caused by wind, hail, water, lightning strikes, etc.) Hurricanes Florence and Michael caused, they did not account for the extensive flood damage that also resulted. This reminds homeowners all over the country to review their homeowners insurance coverage and ensure they are protected for the risks they face. For instance, if your home is at risk for flood damage, you need to secure a specialty flood insurance policy. Making sure you have all the right policy types in place will help you avoid paying for major home repairs out of your own pocket.

These are some of the lessons that homeowners can learn from Hurricanes Florence and Michael. Are you looking to secure the comprehensive coverage your home needs to protect it from a natural disaster? If so, contact the team at East End Insurance Agency



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