3 Tips to Live and Work From Home During COVID- 19

3 Tips to Live and Work From Home During COVID- 19

May 07, 2020


3 Tips to Live and Work From Home During COVID- 19
With millions of lives at risk, the coronavirus pandemic is a difficult time for most individuals. Social distancing may have forced you to adjust to an entirely new kind of lifestyle. One of the major changes that you might have seen is the switch to working from home. While for some, it may indicate increased productivity; for others, it might be a tough adjustment.

Here are 3 ways to create a sustainable work-life balance during COVID- 19

Set up a Home Office

The first step is to create a space for yourself that is easy to use as a home office. Equip it with everything you need such as your laptop, your phone, and a bottle of water. Try to avoid the bedroom and the living room. Don't work in a room that can create distractions - like the TV or your Playstation!

Create a Schedule

Working from home can be distracting because you also try to squeeze in your household chores. But once you make a schedule for your work and chores, you would find it easier to do both equally well! Also, working around the clock is not recommended, stick to your work schedule as much as possible.

Stay in Touch

The most difficult part of living and working from home is the lack of human contact. Make sure to regularly call your clients and colleagues to maintain a healthy relationship with them during this difficult time. Video conferencing is a great way to stay connected and reduce the feeling of social isolation. Stay in and stay safe. Looking for other ways to protect yourself and your loved ones? Get the right health insurance and coverage. Contact our experts at East End Insurance Agency. We are ready to assist you with all your health insurance needs today.

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