Learn About the Statute of Limitations on Traffic Tickets with Car Insurance

Learn About the Statute of Limitations on Traffic Tickets with Car Insurance

Oct 19, 2022


Learn About the Statute of Limitations on Traffic Tickets with Car Insurance

Finding auto insurance rates that align with your budget may sometimes be challenging. There are several factors that auto insurers look at when calculating auto insurance premiums. One of the biggest factors is your driving history. Insurers will assess your driving history to help determine your level of risk. If you have been involved in multiple accidents, you will pay substantially higher premiums than if you have a clean driving record. Perhaps you have a violation on your driving record from a few years ago and are concerned about whether that will impact your auto insurance rates.

You should contact the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to learn about the statute of limitations. Generally, the statute of limitations for most violations is a few years. The length of time depends on the seriousness of the violation. Once the statute of limitations has expired, the court can no longer hold the violations against you. For most drivers, dodging a ticket for several years is difficult. Insurers will look at your violations when calculating your insurance rates.

Regarding most auto insurance policies, a moving violation could impact your rates for two to three years. However, some variables could influence the timeline. If you are cited for driving extremely high speeds, that may stay on your driving record and alter your premiums for several years.

Some drivers must wait close to 10 years before the citation expires on their insurance record.

  • Speed is a Factor

As previously noted, the faster you go over the speed limit, the higher the premium bump you can expect. Research shows that citations for going 15 to 20 miles over the speed limit generally lead to at least a 10 percent premium increase.

  • Other Factors

In addition to the rate of speed you were traveling at, other factors could raise your premiums as well. Insurers will look at the make and model of your vehicle. If you're driving a sports car with a modified engine, you can expect to pay higher premiums for an extended period. Research shows that driving fast cars increases drivers' likelihood of getting involved in an accident or accumulating speeding tickets. Your insurance company will adjust accordingly. Your age could also play a factor. If you are an inexperienced driver, you'll likely pay higher premiums until you become more comfortable on the road.

  • Things to Consider

If you are concerned about how your traffic ticket may impact your auto insurance premiums, it's recommended that you contact your insurance agent and discuss the situation. Some insurers might forgive the ticket if there were legitimate complications involved. You may also have the opportunity to take a safe driving course and have the ticket erased from your record.

Consult with East End Insurance Agency

While paying higher auto insurance premiums is generally uncomfortable, there are a few things you can do to help alleviate some of the stress. Inquire about potential discounts that you may qualify for. The discounts can help lower your insurance rates until the statute of limitations expires if you have any questions about auto insurance. Get in touch with East End Insurance Agency professionals, and we will assist you in the best possible way. Contact us today!

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