Exploring the Different Types of Workers' Compensation Benefits

Exploring the Different Types of Workers' Compensation Benefits

Oct 19, 2021

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Exploring the Different Types of Workers' Compensation Benefits

Businesses depend on their employees to provide quality service. Unfortunately, workplace issues do happen. If one of your employees suffers an injury on the job, workers' compensation covers them while also protecting your business against a costly lawsuit.

Workers' compensation benefits include lost wages, medical care, and rehabilitation. In more serious cases, death benefits are also available. Here's a closer look at the different types of workers' comp benefits.

  • Medical Benefits

  • Medical benefits include the costs of providing the necessary treatment to your injured employees. They may also qualify for benefits if they are on disability. These claims are not based on a specific dollar figure. Workers' compensation should take care of their deductibles and co-pays. It covers your employees' medication, nursing care, and hospitalization. Once they are discharged, the policy also covers their wheelchair or walker. They may also qualify for long-term care, such as physical therapy. Your employees are also covered if they need to seek additional treatment in another state.

    Keep in mind that your employees will not be compensated if they are injured while they aren't working. However, if they are injured on the job due to a natural disaster, terrorism, or other acts of violence, they will be covered.

  • Rehabilitation

  • Rehabilitation assists your injured employees when they plan to return to work. A few unique forms of rehabilitation include job training, counseling, and recommendations in finding new employment opportunities. If your employees are unable to return to their previous job due to injury, they can seek vocational rehabilitation benefits while filing their workers' compensation claim.

  • Disability Benefits

  • Workers' compensation will cover a portion of your employees' lost wages. The lost wages are classified as disability benefits. The amount of lost wages they will receive, along with the length of time, is based on how severe their injuries are. The disability benefits also look at whether they are permanently or temporarily disabled and the workers' compensation laws in the state where they reside.

  • Death Benefits

  • If your employee passes away due to injuries sustained in the workplace, they will qualify for a death benefit, which will be awarded to their spouse or children. In special cases, it may also go to a dependent. Primarily, these benefits include compensation and extra coverage to assist with funeral and burial expenses.


Regardless of whether you have a single employee or a team of employees, having adequate workers' compensation coverage in place will protect your valuable business assets from employee-related claims. At East End Agency, our team of experienced professionals can help you find the right policy designed to suit your unique business needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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