These End-Of-Life Documents Can Secure Your Family's Future

These End-Of-Life Documents Can Secure Your Family's Future

Jul 16, 2020

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These End-Of-Life Documents Can Secure Your Family's Future
We usually do not think about our end of life. However, you should organize your end-of-life documents to secure your family's future.

Here are a few life documents that can help secure the future of your loved ones.

A Last Will

A will outlines the beneficiaries of everything you own, including your properties, businesses, personal assets, as well as the guardianship and trusteeship of minor children, pets, and senior members of your family. When naming the executor of your will, it's ideal to pick someone who you can trust and has demonstrated the ability to follow instructions with authority and integrity.

A Living Will

Life is unpredictable, and you may find yourself in a scenario where you are unable to make independent decisions. If you are hospitalized or incapacitated, a living will offers specific instructions, so your loved ones are not put in a position to make complex life-changing decisions, including whether you wish to be resuscitated or not, the type of pain relief to be used, or rules for your last rites.

Organ Donation Documentation

You may want to donate your organs to save others' lives after your death. Besides mentioning this on your driver's license, it's advisable to register with the National Organ Donor Registry. It's also a good idea to outline this in your living will, as transplanting organs is a time-sensitive activity. This step ensures that no one can override this critical life choice.

"Health Care" and "Durable" Power of Attorney

These documents will help to make health care or medical decisions and financial decisions. You can either appoint two individuals or the same person to oversee these documents based on their capabilities. It's recommended that you get all your life documents in order and help secure your loved ones' future. Getting the right life insurance policy can also protect your family's future. For assistance with all your insurance needs and questions, contact the experts at East End Insurance Agency today. We look forward to helping you with all your coverage needs.

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