10 Workers' Compensation Insurance Mistakes Made by Small Business Owners

10 Workers' Compensation Insurance Mistakes Made by Small Business Owners

May 03, 2023

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Mistakes made by small business owners in workers compensation insurance

As a small business owner, you are responsible for the well-being and safety of your employees. Workers' compensation insurance is essential for any business owner as it covers any injuries or illnesses sustained by employees during their work. However, there are common mistakes that small business owners make when purchasing and managing workers' compensation insurance. Here are the top 10 workers' compensation insurance mistakes made by small business owners.

Failing to Purchase Workers' Compensation Insurance

One of small business owners' most significant mistakes is failing to purchase workers' compensation insurance. Some business owners believe this insurance is only necessary if they have a few employees. However, this is not the case, and even a small business with one employee needs workers' compensation insurance.

Misclassifying Employees

Another common mistake is misclassifying employees. Business owners may classify employees as independent contractors to avoid paying workers' compensation insurance premiums. However, if these "independent contractors" are found to be employees, the business owner can face severe penalties and fines.

Not Reviewing Policies Regularly

Small business owners may also need to regularly review their workers' compensation insurance policies. It's essential to ensure that your policy covers all of your employees, including any new hires, and that you're not overpaying for coverage you don't need.

Failing to Train Employees on Safety Procedures

Some business owners may need to invest in proper training for their employees on safety procedures, leading to more accidents and injuries. Investing in training programs can reduce the likelihood of workplace injuries and improve overall workplace safety.

Not Reporting Claims promptly

Small business owners must report workers' compensation claims as soon as possible. Failure to report claims promptly can result in the loss of benefits for the injured employee and can also lead to penalties for the business owner.

Not Maintaining Accurate Records

Small business owners must maintain accurate records of their workers' compensation insurance policies, claims, and premiums. This will help ensure that you comply with all legal requirements and have proof of insurance if needed.

Failing to Investigate Claims

Some business owners may not thoroughly investigate workers' compensation claims, leading to fraudulent claims and unnecessary payouts. Properly analyzing claims can help to identify fraudulent claims and protect your business from unnecessary costs.

Choosing the Wrong Insurance Provider

Choosing the wrong insurance provider can also be costly for small business owners. It's essential to research different insurance providers and select a reputable company that provides quality coverage at a reasonable price.

Not Updating Policies

Business owners may need to remember to update their workers' compensation insurance policies when changes occur in their business, such as hiring new employees or expanding to a new location. Please update policies to ensure your business is secure from gaps in coverage.

Failing to Seek Professional Advice

Lastly, small business owners may not seek professional workers' compensation insurance advice. Consulting with an insurance agent or attorney can help ensure that you comply with all legal requirements and have adequate coverage to protect your business.

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